Basic Foreplay Tips (For the Fellas!)

The worst part of being a man, is there are SO MANY men out there MESSING things up for the rest of us! Our male friends and family members don’t teach us ANYTHING about sex except for HAVING sex is great! Why is foreplay a good idea? Well my poor young sexually inept friend… foreplay increases dopamine and endorphin levels in the recipient, without going into extreme detail on how dopamine works physically and psychologically I’ll just put it like this; women usually reach orgasm more/more quickly when foreplay is part of the equation.

it's all VERY complicated...
it’s all VERY complicated…

So I’ve compiled some tips to help out those of you who need a little help.

Talk ain’t Cheap!

in all my years of being a successful seducer, one of the key things in sexessful foreplay is the build up (and hey isn’t that what foreplay really is anyway?) I find that making your intentions clear by planting seeds and talking dirty You want to find ways to flirt sexually via text or conversation

Just don't over do it...
Just don’t over do it…

I’m not going to give up all of my secrets here, however doing things like, creating sexual innuendo’s out of ordinary situations or things (see any Pierce B, James Bond movie.) Letting the woman KNOW she’s sexy or that you think of her in that way etc. With that you also want to set the stage for what is to come… sex. Take charge, tell her what’s going to happen, but be sexy! Slow your voice down, lower you tone, whisper sweet nothings in her ear about; where your hands and lips are going to go! Don’t be a punk! Just make sure you deliver like Domino’s baby!

Another great way to set things up is with physical build up, getting a woman comfortable with letting you touch her is something else I’ll cover on ANOTHER blog… however if you are comfortable already don’t be afraid to run your hand along her upper thigh in the movie theater, or giving her small kisses on her neck… things to get the engine running to warm up for later!


A common mistake lots of us men make is going WAY too fast and then just going for it! Half a minute of foreplay isn’t going to do anyone any good. First take your time getting her clothes off, don’t go straight for her pants either, shirt first pants last, be as sexy about it as possible, all of this is helps build comfort as well as build MORE….(say it with me fellas) ANTICIPATION!

NOW you're getting it!
NOW you’re getting it!

good foreplay should last around 15-20 minutes so don’t be in a big hurry, tend to her needs, show her you care (or that you mean business damn it) and take your time on her body! Which Brings me too…

What now?

Women are typically more physically sensitive then we are so keep this in mind before you go WILDLY biting and sucking right away! So here are some more detailed pointers!

cause fingering a woman with "cheeto fingers" ends in tears for all
cause fingering a woman with “cheeto fingers” ends in tears for all

The mouth: kissing is a good indicator of how well you know how to use your tongue for most  women so make sure you’re a good kisser, if not, learn (hell ask Dr. Nicole how to kiss better) and there are other things that you can do with your mouth! light licks tender kisses in or around erogenous areas/zones (article on that soon don’t worry.) and then you can end with cunnilingus.

uhm... yes AND no?
uhm… yes AND no?

while doing… whatever it is that dog is doing up there, don’t be afraid to employ your fingers as well (despite what I’ve said in the past it’s a good method trust me.)

The Hands: there are a NUMBER of great things that you can do with your hands. two of my favorite things are using light touches with my fingertips to run along a womans skin slowly (you can also use things like feathers for this) or even stroking certain erogenous areas will have the desired effect as well. Don’t be afraid to give the woman a nice sensual massage either

and if you get THIS joke you're probably over 25, Congrats!
and if you get THIS joke you’re probably over 25, Congrats!

once you get to the vagina you’ve hopefully prepped taken your time and already have her eager and wanting more. If you’ve already gotten to the cunnilingus part the fingers are a very nice addition to this or even nipple sucking. Remember to start slowly… don’t just go wildly jack hammering into her vagina like it owes you money! When paired with stroking the g spot, and paying attention to her body language proper fingering can and will lead to very intense orgasms and if you know what you’re doing you can even make her squirt (yes any woman can squirt it just isn’t easy and most women haven’t even done this themselves.) This is a tricky thing to pull off however but one day I’ll let the cat out of the bag, TODAY however this article is about being a man and pleasing your woman… with Foreplay!



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